Boochy Mama's Probiotic Tonic

Boochy Mama’s Probiotic Tonic prides itself in its unique, healthy, botanically-inspired flavors. This small-batch kombucha is made with intention, inspiration + passion. Boochy Mama’s manufacturing and retail location is located in the heart of downtown Toledo, Ohio at 130 10th St. in the Davis Building. 

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Love your Mama.


Eco-boochy // Eco-logy + Eco-nomy

Boochy Mama's is recognized as a Sustainable Business by the Toledo-Lucas County Sustainability Commission! 

Boochy Mama's understands the interconnectedness of our environment, our community and our economy; our "ecos" (Greek for home). Being green is not just a buzzword, it’s common sense. When sustainability is approached holistically, it is more economical. 

Stacy Jurich, Boochy Mama’s founder, has been an environmental and social justice activist since 2004 and has driven around the country self-sourcing her own waste vegetable oil for fuel. These philosophies are seamlessly + organically ingrained in Boochy Mama's day-to-day business operations and into the future. 

At Boochy Mama's, we're committed to having a sustainable business with reduced waste, intentional sourcing + conscious decision making.

  • Composting all of our ingredients in inspiring community gardens that are changing our local landscape in a big way
  • Bicycling to the Kombucha Kitchen (check out our cycling caps!)
  • Supporting organically grown teas + botanicals
  • Sourcing from independent businesses and local suppliers (Boochy Mama's founder also co-founded a non-profit to support these businesses in 2007)
  • Advocating for our fresh, pure, wonderful Great Lakes water #donttakeitforgranted
  • Tap handles made out of recycled bicycle parts at Toledo Bikes
  • While we do not have a return bottle program, Boochy Mama's glass bottles intentionally come with a resealable cap so that the bottles can be re-used to your mind's desire

Ready to drink for your health?

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