The Ancient Elixir of life

Kombucha is a fermented and slightly effervescent tea known primarily for its probiotic / digestive health benefits. The basic process of brewing kombucha is simple - a base of green or black tea is brewed with sugar - once the sweet tea has cooled to room temperature, it is added to a jar with the SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast). The SCOBY is the "mother" culture, similar to the culture used in vinegar, beer and wine making. The SCOBY sits in the tea for 7-14 days, converting the sugars into acetic acids, making the tea both sour, alive and full of probiotics!  

SCOBY's are living and multiply when given the right conditions. Boochy Mama's grows and divides the cultures and teaches the community how to brew their own kombucha at home. This knowledge can empower and transform an individual or a family's health and well being for the better!

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Is kombucha safe to drink during pregnancy?

We aren’t able to tell a woman whether or not to drink kombucha during her pregnancy. The stages of pregnancy bring about different responses to foods and drinks, of particular sensitivity is kombucha being that it is fermented and contains trace amounts of alcohol. However, we know many women that have safely drank kombucha throughout their entire pregnancy and while nursing. This is something to discuss with your doctor or midwife. We will share this information as well from the HappyHerbalist.com, where they have access to a deep understanding of years of kombucha research as well as Traditional Chinese Medicine practices:

“…as a detoxifier kombucha releases all those stored toxins. [In some instances those may be] expelled to the fetus or suckling baby. Kombucha has a sour aspect to it and will cross over to the mother’s milk and sour the milk, possibly moving those toxins out that route as well. Kombucha is viewed as an immunity booster. Which assists a weak system to become stronger. However in a new born - whose system is non-existent - may end up relying solely on the protection of kombucha. Years later when challenged the body will not have developed those defenses of its own and end up compromised.”

how much kombucha should i drink?

If you are introducing kombucha into your diet for the first time, it is recommended to drink 4-6oz per day for 1 week, and 6-10oz per day for another week. If you experience discomfort, this may be the kombucha removing toxins from your body. Be sure to consume plenty of water to eliminate the toxins. After you have established consistent probiotics for two weeks, you can increase the daily amount to 16oz or more! However once you feel you have established a healthy balance of good bacteria in your gut, kombucha does not need to be consumed daily to maintain. * Note that each body is different and we are unable to give medical advice. For those with digestive or stomach issues, further probiotic supplements may be required.

will kombucha make my bowels over-active?

Kombucha is a probiotic, not a laxative. Kombucha is full of live enzymes which can help increase metabolism and add to digestive enzymes, and also help reduce acid reflux. Should you experience over active bowels, be sure to drink plenty of water as your body is eliminating toxins.

does kombucha need to be kept refrigerated?

Kombucha does need to be kept refrigerated. If left at room temperature, kombucha will continue to ferment, making the drink more vinegar-like and may increase the amount of alcohol in the bottle. CO2 build up can also occur, making the bottle prone to blowing off the cap.

how long does kombucha last?

Kombucha is acidic enough to where it does not grow harmful bacteria, unlike dairy products or unpasteurized juice. Technically speaking, kombucha does not go “bad”. It can stay in your fridge for over a year and still be drinkable! However, Boochy Mama’s are dated 10 weeks from bottling to ensure freshness and quality.

is kombucha safe for my kids to drinK?

Kombucha does contain sugar and trace amounts of alcohol, though it is by law a non-alcoholic beverage. We do see many parents that allow their children to drink kombucha with no adverse affects, but again every child is different and may respond differently than another. It is best to make an informed decision with your child’s health care provider.

can i drink too much kombucha?

Too much of anything can be, well, too much! Listen to your body! We drink a lot of kombucha here at Boochy Mama’s, and have friends that have drank 64oz in a day. So, do what feels good!

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