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 Inspired by the beauty,  essence + magic of the forest.


Seasonal Botanical Kombucha Flavors

winter 2017

Boochy Mama's uses organic black + sencha tea, organic botanicals, organic evaporated cane juice, and finely filtered Great Lakes water in every batch of Boochy Mama's Probiotic Tonic, creating a wholesome and fresh taste, unique pure flavors and a bounty of nutritional qualities.*

*This statement is not approved by the FDA. We're ok with that. 


Midnight Moon 

juniper, elderberry + rose
*Brand new to the Boochy Mama's line up*

A winter sky is sharp, still and frigid. Bold colors close the day behind bare trees,ushering in a black midnight sky. Winter moons seem to glow brighter than others,illuminating the snowy landscape and quiet night. Have you ever seen a winter lunar halo? When the clouds are clear and the midnight moon rises, make a wish and givethanks! 

Inspired by: moab, desert juniper, midwest juniper, gin, rose bliss. 

MADE WITH: ORGANIC BLACK + GREEN TEA, ORGANIC juniper berres, ORGANIC elderberries, organic rose petals, rose water, juniper extract, organic + live probiotic kombucha culture


Winterland Bliss  

balsam fir, peppermint + sage

Balsam Fir is an evergreen tree known for its warm, woodsy scent. It symbolizes the essence of winter; reflection, family, fires, stillness, snow, gratitude and solitude. Its aroma digs deep into the soul...blanketed in sage and brightened with peppermint. Wishing you and yours peace, safety, health, bliss and kindness. 

Inspired by: Snowflakes, stillness, pine forests, sage, reflection, eating snow, Christmas trees, winter excapades

MADE WITH: ORGANIC BLACK + GREEN TEA, wildharvested maine balsam fir, organic peppermint, organic sage, organic + live probiotic kombucha culture


Solstice Chai

organic chai spices + local apple cider

Chai tea has origins and meanings from around the world. Its blends of spices + herbs vary from region to region. Yet one thing remains the same...its ability to warm the body and calm the spirit. This Chai Probiotic Tonic is restorative + relaxing for this dark Solstice season. 

Inspired by:  the Happy Badger, star anise, cardamom, aromas, honey and milk, traveling

MADE WITH: ORGANIC YERBA MATE TEA, ORGANIC BLACK TEA, ORGANIC chai spices, local apple cider, organic + live probiotic kombucha culture 


Cold Fire

ginger, turmeric, echinacea, lemon verbena, cinnamon + black pepper
* new recipe! * 

Cold Fire is a fermented version of a hot toddy cold remedy. Echinacea, ginger, turmeric + cinnamon give this Probiotic Tonic an extra boost for the winter months. Boochy Mama's to the rescue! Always drink kombucha cold or at room temperature (don't heat it up!) Stay warm, stay healthy and be inspired!  

Inspired by: Hot toddies, whiskey, home cold remedies, ginger zing, aromatic lemon verbena from my mom's backyard, curling up next to a fire. 



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