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 Inspired by the beauty,  essence + magic of the forest.


Seasonal Botanical Kombucha Flavors

summer 2018

Boochy Mama's uses organic black + sencha tea, organic botanicals, organic evaporated cane juice, and finely filtered Great Lakes water in every batch of Boochy Mama's Probiotic Tonic, creating a wholesome and fresh taste, unique pure flavors and a bounty of nutritional qualities.*

*This statement is not approved by the FDA. We're ok with that. 

Pedal Power 

strawberry + elderflower

Pedal Power shines light to the season of bicycles and flowers! The aroma of elderflowers is wondrous. Its pairing with strawberries is a beautiful blend in the fermenter and a perfect taste in the bottle. Bicycling is good for the environment, community, individual + the economy. Take a ride and enjoy the wildflowers.

Be nice! Ride safe! Share the road!   

Inspired by: Bicycles, St. Germain, elderflowers, the wind, the open road, bike rides with friends, gardens...

MADE WITH: ORGANIC BLACK + GREEN TEA, ORGANIC elderflowers, fresh strawberries, pure lemon juice, organic + live probiotic kombucha culture

Summer Serenade  

lavender lemonade

SUMMER SERENADE will satisfy you under hot afternoon sun, or sing to you with the cicadas on a still summer night.
Whichever ways you bask in warmth; swimming, hiking, gardening, bicycling, or simply swaying on a porch swing, savor the
gentle, intoxicating breeze of lavender and sunshine in this harmonious Lavender Lemonade kombucha.

Inspired by: Cicadas, porches, basketball, summer nights, tag, pink lemonade, crickets, grass... 

MADE WITH: ORGANIC BLACK + GREEN TEA, organic lavender, pure lemon juice, organic + live probiotic kombucha culture

La Pachamama

blueberry, lavender, cardamom, vanilla + yerba mate

La Pachamama means “Mother Earth” and in some countries, “A la pachamama” is said in conjunction with tipping a small amount of your drink into the earth as an offering. This kombucha is made with Yerba Mate tea and an invigorating combination of herb, spice and fruit...a bold and intoxicating tonic. "A la pachamama!" 

Inspired by:  Autumn, Nikki, Mika, all the wild women, South America, adventures, lavender gardens. 

MADE WITH: ORGANIC YERBA MATE TEA, ORGANIC BLACK vanilla TEA, ORGANIC lavender, organic cardamom, pure blueberry juice, organic + live probiotic kombucha culture

Temple of Gold

ginger, turmeric, echinacea, lemon verbena, black pepper + apple cider vinegar

Temple of Gold is filled with the riches of ginger, turmeric + echinacea; the delicacy of lemon verbena and the highly revered black pepper. This Probiotic Tonic is emboldened with organic apple cider vinegar. You have found an organic treasure of nutritional wealth!  

Inspired by: Hot toddies, whiskey, home cold remedies, ginger freaks, aromatic lemon verbena from my mom's backyard, curling up next to a fire, overcoming the distaste of black pepper. 

MADE WITH (ALL ORGANIC): BLACK & GREEN TEA, GINGER, TURMERIC, ECHINACEA, LEMON VERBENA, BLACK PEPPER, apple cider vinegar + live probiotic kombucha culture


chamomile, rose, hibiscus + mint 

Fairytale takes you on a stroll through a majestic garden with pink + red roses, soft chamomile, bright hibiscus and fragrant mint; a sublime sensory delight. This fermented Probiotic Tonic captures floral enchantment and aromatic bliss! Brewed with all organic and inspired botanicals, Fairytale is for the dreamer + lover in all of us.

Inspired by: happy badger, rose bushes, rainy days, salivating, slowing down, Hibi the cat ...  

MADE WITH (ALL ORGANIC): BLACK & GREEN TEA, chamomile, rose, hibiscus, peppermint, organic + live probiotic kombucha culture 


Drink Boochy Mama's.

Feel Good.