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Upcoming Events

DIY Natural Body Care with SONIA Organics
Wednesdays, July 12 & August 16 @ 6pm

Boochy Mama's is pleased to partner with and host Sonia from SONIA Organics! These Wednesday Workshops will teach you how to use organic and natural products for your home, yourself and your family. 

Not only will learn step by step how to make the products, but Sonia will teach about the benefits and suggested uses of each ingredient. Find out how easy and empowering it is to take the first steps toward a healthier body! 

July 12, 6-8pm : Mosquito Repellant + Toothpaste

Each participant will make a roll-on natural mosquito repellant that works and contains no harmful chemcials for the skin, your largest organ! You will also make and take home an organic toothpaste that will help eliminate toxins from your mouth. 

August 16, 6-8pm : Body Fragrance + Hand Sanitizer

Create your own roll-on body fragrance with an amazing selection of enlivening essential oils and an all organic base. A completely custom perfume just the way you want it! Also take home a anti-bacterial hand sanitizer with the knowledge of how to make it again!

$30 for single workshop or $50 for both. Prices per individual.

Reserve your spot by purchasing a ticket here!

For more info: https://www.facebook.com/events/111313752826613/

Kombucha Brewing Workshop
Wednesday, July 19 @ 6pm

Kombucha is known as the ancient tea of immortality, a traditionally fermented drink brewed for centuries around the world. Learn how easy it is to bring this special elixir into your own kitchen...

The culture that creates the fermentation, known as the SCOBY or the "mother", is simliar to that of "friendship" sourdough bread or yougurt. It grows and multiplies and can be shared.

Boochy Mama's grows, multiplies and nurturues SCOBYs to share with the community, so you and your family can drink kombucha to your heart, pallet and gut's desire. 

The workshop will give you the basics of starting out and fermenting a gallon of kombucha in your own kitchen. You will receive a gallon glass jar, a kombucha SCOBY, and a reusable tea bag full of flavoring herbs of your choice, and free kombucha and wine during the workshop! Organic teas and glass growlers are available for sale. 

$35 individual
$45 per couple (includes 1 starter kit)

Purchase your ticket to reserve your spot!