A Modern take on a Traditional Folk Remedy

Boochy Mama's Wildfire Tonic is a spicy, complex and delicious apple cider vinegar and kombucha tonic.

Organic, raw apple cider vinegar is infused with over 20 superfoods for 5 weeks - then blended with Boochy Mama's Probiotic Tonic, Wildharvested Michigan Chaga mushroom tea, fresh squeezed lemon juice and raw local honey - creating a potent, invigorating, immune-boosting tonic to help YOU be your most VIBRANT self. 

2oz Pocket Shots. Good for what ails ya.

2oz Pocket Shots. Good for what ails ya.

Drink 1/2 oz. per day to maintain good health and up to 3oz per day to improve immunity, metabolism, digestion and balance pH.

  • Wildfire tonic has also helped with inflammation, arthritis, acid reflux, indigestion, low energy and more.

  • Wildfire Tonic can be consumed on its own - cold or room temperature - or mixed with hot or cold water, juice (orange, apple, carrot, tomato...) or mixed with tomato juice and tequila or vodka for an OUTTATHISWORLD bloody mary!

  • Also great as a marinade, salad dressing, conversation starter and whatever your creative soul desires. 

Wildfire Tonic is shelf stable at room temperature, will have some natural sediment due to its organic nature (shake gently before serving), will make you quiver, salivate, eyes-wide-smile, perk up, and feel GREAT.  #loveyourmama


Find Your New Favorite Tonic

Wildfire Tonic can be found Locally + throughout the Midwest 

ann arbor:

Argus Farm Stop - Liberty + Packard
Constellation Collective
Plum Market - Maple Rd
ZIngerman's Deli


Bassett’s Health Food Store - Secor Rd.
Boochy Mama's Retail Store
Health Foods by Claudia
Maddie & Bella - Perrysburg + Downtown Toledo
Phoenix Earth Food Co-op


The Farmer's Hand
The Schvitz Health Club


Ohio City Provisions


Steam Inn Coffee Room